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Design / Less Waste Coffee Campaign + Coffee Shop Branding

Less Waste Coffee Campaign + Coffee Shop Branding

In the US alone, we throw away 400 million paper coffee cups a day. That’s the equivalent of the volume of 13 Empire State Buildings of waste. 


In response to this staggering issue of waste, I crafted a coffee stamp to hand-stamp 5,333 impressions on recyclable paper, building 13 Empire State Building silhouettes to represent the waste volume visually. Digitized and paired with a rugged typeface, these images became a 13-poster series to be displayed in a coffee shop to raise waste awareness.

This data visualization inspired a logo featuring a stamped coffee cup, leading to a comprehensive design system, including merchandise and packaging, for a fictitious NYC coffee shop advocating for a more sustainable coffee culture.

Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Data Visualization, Data Points, Posters, Branding, Product Packaging, Sustainability, Printmaking, Laser Cutting, Acrylic, Waste Culture, Awareness.

Process Highlights

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