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Hi, I'm thiffany, a designer, artist and educator   

on the verge of completing my MFA in Graphic Design & Visual Experience at SCAD. I'm passionate about ideation, creative solutions, and being of help, and equally dedicated to teaching and making a positive impact through my work. Adaptability and collaboration are at the core of my practice, nurtured by my experiences working and living in five countries and speaking four languages.


I'm propelled by a profound dedication to infusing creativity into every facet of my work and effecting positive change through authentic design and collaborative solutions.

My international background and professional experience have taught me the value of diversity and the strength of embracing different perspectives. I believe in the synergy of collaboration, and I'm excited to leverage my skills to effect positive change through authentic design creations.


With expertise in Graphic, Web, and UX Design, as well as Fine Arts, I'm driven to craft innovative solutions that leave a lasting impression. As I embark on this next chapter, I'm eager to merge my passions for design and fine arts to inspire and create. I'm also open to relocation for the right opportunity. Let's connect and explore the endless possibilities of creating impactful design experiences together!

Deliver Through Craft 

As a designer, artist, and educator, I skillfully create authentic visual experiences that balance aesthetics with meaningful impact.


Design Is An Active Verb

I embrace creativity's unifying power and dynamic nature to deliver meaningful interactions that actively shape and influence the world.


Commit To Making A Difference

Blending design and fine arts expertise, I teach and create with dedication and compassion, fostering active learning, curiosity, and innovation.

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Skills At A Glance

English, Portuguese, French, Spanish

Adobe InDesign,  Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe XD,  Adobe  Acrobat, Procreate, Figma , WIX, Apple Keynote, Microsoft Suite, Google Suite, Miro

Illustration, Painting, Printmaking, Bookbinding
Visual Design, Design Thinking, In-depth Ideation, UI & UX Design, Brand Design, Brand Strategy, Product Design, Punlication Design, Apparel Design, Web Design, Design Research, Data Visualization, Divergent Thinking, Wayfinding, Design Audit, Art Direction, Story Telling

Great Interpersonal Skills, Proactive, Collaborative, Strong Work Ethic, Team Player, Solutions Focused, Adaptive Mindset, Kind Leader & Motivator, Inclusive Communicator, Multicultural

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